Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Meteors etc


I'm back in LA after a great trip home to Dublin for the Meteor music Awards.It was nice to see so many familiar friendly faces and catch up.Lights,camera action..

I went to the  Irish Film and TV awards also while i was home to support my friend Brian Byrne
who won best original soundtrack for his score for John Carney's movie Zonad.
Brian and i wrote and recorded the soundtrack for this excellent short recently entitled Vertical
if you want to have a look.

My only regret is that i didn't get to play any shows but hopefully we will remedy that soon,i'm looking at booking some shows in around may/june and hopefully some mainland Europe dates as well.

I'm planning to record some cover versions of some of my favourite songs over the next couple of weeks
so i will let you know how that goes,i'm just doing it for fun to see how they turn out,maybe in will inspire me with my own stuff who knows..Suggestions are welcome of course as there is bound to be a couple  out there that would suit my voice that i don't know about!

Don't forget to check out  the new short film made by Sebastian Lopez in and around Buenos Aires
for 'The Heart Won't Be Denied'.It's on the site or you can check it out here at Sebastian's Vimeo page,
the man is superbly talented.

I'm off to see The Crazies...

Take care,

 Colin. x

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Mariana said...

I'm Mariana, from Argentina. I didn't know about you until I saw The heart won't be denied's video clip. I think that the song is great, I loved it. The truth is that all your songs are beautiful.
I sing too, I'm not famous,but I know is not an easy job.
Sorry for my English, I'm still learning.