Sunday, 10 January 2010

Welcome to TwentyTen

A happy new year to you all !

Thanks for all your support during 2009 and to everyone who came out to the shows throughout, it means a lot.
As a little New Year gift we're giving away ‘Live In Toronto’ to all our subscribers.

A simple acoustic recording we made last February at the Glenn Gould Theatre when I played there with my good friend Emm Gryner who joined me on piano and vocals on ‘Democracy Of One’. I hope you enjoy it.

Please 'sign-up' on the website and you'll be directed to the Subscriber-Only download page.
2009 was an interesting year and I hope 2010 will be even better with more touring and recording on the cards! Speaking of which, I recently finished writing and recording the soundtrack for Sebastian Lopez's short movie entitled ‘Vertical’. Sebastian who is from Buenos Aires directed the ‘Raise The Dead’ video for me. Check it out HERE
In December I performed at an exclusive show in London as part of a new project set up by Kenny Laurenson called It was incredibly well organized in a huge loft apartment with excellent visuals and sound. It's a great concept and we're hoping to do more if we can find hosts who'd like their own private concert at home.
Find out more at
I've been asked to play at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in Jan as part of a select showcase they do in conjunction with ASCAP. Im hoping to tie it in with some snowboarding which I last did when recording in Montreal.!
Of course a big thanks to Kenny,Graeme and Selina for doing such an amazing job in keeping everything running and moving forward in respect to the website / photos / artwork / music etc. Untied Artists indeed..
Also, I have been nominated in the 'Best Irish Male' category for the Meteor Awards!
Great news so please vote for me here.
I hope 2010 is a great one for you all.

Take care,

Colin x.

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PAY said...

when you come to Argentina??