Sunday, 27 September 2009


Hi Guys,

I hope this finds you all well?

it's going to an exciting couple of months ahead so i wanted to talk a little bit about what's
going down..

1/ Irish Tour!

The Irish tour has just been announced for Nov/Dec which i'm really looking forward to.
It's going to be performed as a three piece with Peter Devlin and Guy Rickarby.
I'm excited about playing the new songs with the guys and reinterpreting some Devlin's songs
which we're currently revisiting. (requests are being taken..)
It'll be totally different from the last series of acoustic shows i did with Fiachna earlier in the year so it's always a fun and challenging to keep things fresh.

Please spread the word if you can about the shows and again, thanks so much all for the kind words about Democracy Of One over the last few months,it means alot and for continuing to spread the word on what i'm doing.

2/ Democracy of One now available on i-tunes worldwide!.. so for all of you people in Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Israel and Mullingar there's no excuse!

3/ Democracy Of One single to be released!
I'm releasing DO1 as a single to radio to coincide with the Irish tour,so hopefully we'll
be hearing it on the airwaves for those people who listen to the wireless!

4/ And finally: Another couple of dates in LA in October. Largo on Thurs Oct 8th, Special guests confirmed so far are my good friend, genius composer, arranger and orchestrator Brian Byrne. It'll be the last one of the year in LA
and I'm hoping will be the best so far.

And on Sunday 4th I'll be taking part in TRES ! It's a twice-monthly series created and curated by acclaimed songwriter Chris Richards, featuring three songwriters performing together in a laid-back, in-the-round setting // Venue website:

Looking forward to it.
Keep in touch.

Much love,

Colin. x

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I want to 'Rock With You'.

Hi Guys


1) Following on from my tour of Ireland in Feb to promote Democracy of One i've decided to do some more shows in Sep.

I've just confirmed a Dublin date for Fri Sep 11th at The Sugar Club and will hopefully be adding more Irish dates happening around that time over the coming weeks.

There is a possibility i'll be playing the Electric Picnic too so i'll keep you updated.

So really looking forward to seeing you at these shows,i'm not sure yet whether i'll do them
solo or with some friends,we'll see how it goes!

2) Democracy of One will be released in the UK in Sep also and we're planning a London show sometime around the middle of the month and i'll be trying to tie in some European dates around this time also which should be fun!

I'm always open to suggestions for gigs from people so if you've got ideas let me know,
and maybe we can make it work.Obviously the more interesting and exciting the better!

3) I'm trying to put together a tour of the East Coast of the US and Canada for late sep/early oct so will keep you posted on that and again suggestions of cool intimate places to play are welcome.

It's been a strange week here in Los Angeles with all the Michael Jackson hysteria.I guess the only positive thing is that we now fully realise his genius.Miles did a long time ago.

I've lots more news but why tell you all at once?

Speak to you soon.

Keep in touch and thanks for listening.

Much love,

CD x.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Blues for MJ

Rehearsing in Santa Monica

Monday, 1 June 2009


I hope this finds all of you lovely people well.

I’m writing this from LA where it’s sunny of course and people seem to have taken their swine flu masks off. Just wanted to let you know what's going on...

There’s lots of great new things up on the website including downloads, very cool T-shirts, new photos/videos and Kenny has a book idea in the works with some seen and unseen photos from the shoots we’ve done together, I think,he’s been busy!

I’m planning to put together some US dates over the next few of weeks so keep checking the tour page for details, it would be great to see you at the shows.
The tour of Ireland in Feb/March went exceptionally well. We had a lot of fun doing the shows and it was cool to be out playing the songs from Democracy of One.
I hadn’t been home for a while and it was great to have had such a positive reaction to the album. We also had a lot of radio airplay on Raise the Dead without too much hype which I was obviously delighted about. I have to thank Tony Fenton on Today FM for being the first to play it, believing in it and getting the ball rolling..a top bloke.

Strategies will be the new single in Ireland so hopefully people will get to hear it in all it's glory....

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, it was great to see you, the support really means a lot. It was of course a real honour to have my good friend Fiachna O'Braonain join me onstage every night, it made it extra special for sure. It was lovely to have Emm Gryner as my special guest, she's incredibly talented and a really lovely person.

We’ve set up a youtube channel with lots of video clips some of you may not have seen;
There is also a lot of talk about heading back down to Buenos Aires to make a video for 'What Good Is Love' following the success of 'Raise the Dead' directed by Sebastian Lopez.

Anyway,i'm really looking forward to getting back on the road and doing some more shows. I have decided it’s time to break out the electric guitar which I’ve been missing. It may involve piano playing too... It's been a while since I did US dates outside of LA so that will a lot of fun.
I’m also planning to do some more Irish and English dates in September.

So make sure you subscribe to the newsletter and we'll keep you informed.

Take care,
Colin x.

Friday, 2 January 2009


I just wanted to say thanks to everybody for the amazing response to the Pre-Launch limited edition of "Democracy of one" and for all of the kind comments, we're really happy that people are digging it and love to hear from you.

The first months of 2009 are going to be pretty busy starting with an LA Largo show on Sat Jan 24th. Following that, Montreal on Feb 5th and Toronto on Feb 7th where my friend Emm Gryner has asked me to be her special guest at the Glenn Gould Studio Theatre. If you don't know Emm already check her out, she's great.

I kick off an eight date Irish acoustic tour on Feb 12th, ending in Dublin at the Sugar Club on Feb 27th, so spread the word, the dates are up on the website. I'll be joined onstage by my good friend Fiachna O'Braonain on guitars and atmospherics and special guest for the tour will Be Emm Gryner who I believe will be playing solo piano which should be great.
I'll be back in the States in March making plans for a tour.
We've been recording and filming the Largo shows so there is talk of a live DVD at some point in the year..! We've had a lot of fun doing those shows and I've had some fabulous guests, my 'regulars' ; Michael Brook and Jeremy Ruzumna and also Gemma Hayes, Steve Reynolds and Ricky Warwick to name a few. It's a really great candlelit listening room -just one atmospheric, ambient room mike picks up everything - truly 'unplugged' in the real sense of the word. Mark Flanagan and Michael Griffee who run Largo deserve a special mention, they have a great vision for the place and have been very kind to me over the last few months. Let's hope they go from strength to strength this year.

The focus this year will be the official release of the album. Kenny Laurenson, his brother Graeme and I are not only working on a reconfigured website but also pioneering with a completely new model for the release of the album, getting it out there and connecting with the fans.
With the world in what seems like Economic meltdown and more doom and gloom greeting us every day i think music is more important than ever to help get us through what will undoubtedly be tough times. No one can take it away from us.
I wonder where Ireland will be socially and economically in five years time? I hope that we'll return to appreciating what really matters in our lives (a little more than we have done in recent years)... family, friendship, empathy and great F**king music!

I hope you all have a decent 2009 despite the rain.

Take Care,

Colin x.