Friday, 2 January 2009


I just wanted to say thanks to everybody for the amazing response to the Pre-Launch limited edition of "Democracy of one" and for all of the kind comments, we're really happy that people are digging it and love to hear from you.

The first months of 2009 are going to be pretty busy starting with an LA Largo show on Sat Jan 24th. Following that, Montreal on Feb 5th and Toronto on Feb 7th where my friend Emm Gryner has asked me to be her special guest at the Glenn Gould Studio Theatre. If you don't know Emm already check her out, she's great.

I kick off an eight date Irish acoustic tour on Feb 12th, ending in Dublin at the Sugar Club on Feb 27th, so spread the word, the dates are up on the website. I'll be joined onstage by my good friend Fiachna O'Braonain on guitars and atmospherics and special guest for the tour will Be Emm Gryner who I believe will be playing solo piano which should be great.
I'll be back in the States in March making plans for a tour.
We've been recording and filming the Largo shows so there is talk of a live DVD at some point in the year..! We've had a lot of fun doing those shows and I've had some fabulous guests, my 'regulars' ; Michael Brook and Jeremy Ruzumna and also Gemma Hayes, Steve Reynolds and Ricky Warwick to name a few. It's a really great candlelit listening room -just one atmospheric, ambient room mike picks up everything - truly 'unplugged' in the real sense of the word. Mark Flanagan and Michael Griffee who run Largo deserve a special mention, they have a great vision for the place and have been very kind to me over the last few months. Let's hope they go from strength to strength this year.

The focus this year will be the official release of the album. Kenny Laurenson, his brother Graeme and I are not only working on a reconfigured website but also pioneering with a completely new model for the release of the album, getting it out there and connecting with the fans.
With the world in what seems like Economic meltdown and more doom and gloom greeting us every day i think music is more important than ever to help get us through what will undoubtedly be tough times. No one can take it away from us.
I wonder where Ireland will be socially and economically in five years time? I hope that we'll return to appreciating what really matters in our lives (a little more than we have done in recent years)... family, friendship, empathy and great F**king music!

I hope you all have a decent 2009 despite the rain.

Take Care,

Colin x.


n.l. said...

Here is what the French poet Charles Baudelaire had to say, in a short poem in prose "Enivrez-Vous" (Get Drunk): "One should always be drunk. That's the great thing; the only thing. Not to feel the horrible burden of Time weighing on your shoulders and bowing you to the earth, you should be drunk without respite. Drunk with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you please. But get drunk. And if sometimes you should happen to awake, on the stairs of a palace, on the green grass of a ditch, in the dreary solitude of your own room, and find that your drunkenness is ebbing or has vanished, ask the wind and the wave, ask star, bird, or clock, ask everything that flies, everything that moans, everything that flows, everything that sings, everything that speaks, ask them the time; and the wind, the wave, the star, the bird and the clock will all reply: "It is Time to get drunk! If you are not to be the martyred slaves of Time, be perpetually drunk! With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you please."

- Or with music - if we might add!

Thank you for making music the way you make it!

Anonymous said...

Oi Colin,
LOVE the album....even my 4 year-old is singing along now! (Could that possibly mean I'm playing it too much?! Never!) In fact, even as I write this, he's unleashed his falsetto on me...singing, "Maybe there's a plaaaaace for us...." but hasn't quite got the second part of that right LOL

You know, if you add this lovely University town in the mountains to your US tour, I'd bake for you and your band/crew! Your choice from my menu!

SO exciting that you're getting out there and playing more...
Shonna & family (That's Missoula, Montana for your list of possible tour places, pretty please! LOL)
PS Cecilia ordered one of your CD's but it still hasn't arrived! I think she's started twitching!

Matthias said...

Looking forward to a U.S. tour and album release. Please come through the Motor City. This time you'll be better suited to play the Magic Bag. The Ferndale / Royal Oak area is more conducive to fans and the funky vibe.

Tell Peter Motown says hello.